World Voice Day 2022

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World Voice Day 2022

Dear friends, colleagues and voice enthusiasts,

with so much fun and commitment, voice enthusiasts from many countries around the world have given voice to World Voice Day 2021. This year we would like to again make your voices visible and audible.
We ask you to send us a short video (max. 15 seconds) in which you welcome the World Voice Day. You can speak, sing, shout or whisper. Deadline is April 3rd, 2022. It would be nice to do this in an unusual environment, e.g. in the forest, under water, in a cabinet, while standing on your head, etc. But that is not necessary.
Please also tell us your first name, the city and the country in which you live.
We will again edit the submissions into one big video and publish it for WORLD VOICE DAY on April 16, 2022. Please send your video to

With best regards
Markus Hess, Susanne Fleischer and the team of the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER

Watch again World Voice Day Video 2021