Conservative Therapies

Speech-Therapies and Coachings

Fortunately there are many ways to improve the voice. At the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER patients will receive individual, high quality voice assessment and diagnostics as a basis for decision-making for individual voice coaching, voice rehabilitation, or voice therapy. We coach, teach and train all fields in the wide spectrum voice.


Speech-Language-Voice Therapy – SLP/SLT

When and for whom is a voice therapy useful? A voice therapy is always appropriate when the voice, volume, quality or intonation of the voice limit the communication or change the voice.

Berufssprecher Coaching

Professional Voice Coaching

Speakers whose voices are subject to certain requirements, e.g. Lectures that are not reliably available or that want to present more powerful and convincing.



Born as a biological man, mostly vocal clearly characterized by a male voice sound, women look for help in the course of their transition in order to also express their femininity in a vocal way.


Post-Operativ Voice Coaching

In order to get you back into shape vocally as soon as possible after a vocal cord surgery, we have put together a complete post-operative package of measures for you.


Rehabilitation of the singing voice

Singers who can no longer recall their usual vocal performance often get stressed and panicked. Often this is connected with existential fears.



Years of cooperation with osteopath and psychotherapist Jacob Lieberman has proven to be one of the most successful multidisciplinary treatment options in the field of voice therapy.


Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD)

Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) is a vocal fold malfunction that leads to a sudden onset of a respiratory distress attack.



Many people suddenly feel a foreign body in the throat, swallow frequently, complain of voice disorders and often clear their throat.


Avoid the aging voice (presbylarynx)

Often patients come to us who have had no voice problems throughout their lives and now, at an advanced age, suddenly suffer from a scratchy voice or speaking effort.


Singing pedagogy

Singers with a classical repertoire as well as singers in the contemporary commercial music field need a proper singing technique to perform over a long time without getting voice problems.

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Voice health

The instrument of our voice is our body. Voice hygiene measures aim to maintain this instrument and keep it healthy.