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Highly specialized experts

The MEDICAL VOICE CENTER is an outstanding multidisciplinary center dedicated exclusively to the treatment and rehabilitation of voice and laryngeal disorders. Patients from all over the world entrust their health to us.

We care for all voice disorders with an experienced team of experts including doctors of phoniatrics (specialists in the voice), otolaryngology, speech therapists, vocal pedagogues, and the most internationally experienced laryngeal osteopath Jacob Lieberman.

Prof. Markus M. Hess (Wikipedia) is, with about 1,000 phonosurgeries and voice enhancement procedures per year, one of the world’s most experienced voice surgeons.

Team Profisänger
High-class medicine meets high therapeutic specialization, personal attention, and beautiful ambiance.


Having a healthy voice is important for everyone, whether you are a professional singer, teacher, or salesperson, or simply like to read aloud to your grandkids. If you suffer from hoarseness or trouble with your voice or throat, the voice specialists at the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER can help.

We treat the full spectrum of voice problems, from laryngitis and voice strain to more complex problems such as atrophy, hemorrhage or scarring of the vocal cords, vocal tremors, and laryngeal papilloma. We can also help with voice problems related to acid reflux (GERD), chronic cough, and swallowing disorders. We are specialists in voice feminization surgery.

Advantages that give you security

  • Interdisciplinary diagnostics and treatment in one place

  • Decades of experience and specialization in voice

  • State-of-the-art surgical techniques and longtime surgical experience

  • Pioneer in laser phonosurgery

  • Guaranteed pain free laryngoscopy

  • Specializing in voice feminization for trans women.

  • Specialized in the treatment of singers (rock’n pop, musical, classical)

  • Specialized in the treatment of professional speakers (moderators, actors, teachers)

  • Active research and the highest scientific level

When you enter the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER, the bright, modern atmosphere creates a welcoming and serene ambiance that does not remind you of a clinic. Here are the preliminary talks, examinations, operations in local anesthesia, aftercare, and voice therapies. It is a place where you can feel at home, surrounded by a team that understands you. In the outpatient surgery centre (AOZ), about 200 m further away, the surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia. The AOZ is equipped with the latest equipment of state-of-the-art instruments. In the same house, the Facharztklinik is our station for inpatient treatment, if the procedure can not be performed on an outpatient basis. An empathetic care team is responsible for your well-being around the clock.


We are here for you