Medialisation of Vocal Folds (Augmentation)

Augmentations are performed in local anesthesia or in general anesthesia. In each case patients may leave our clinic after approx. 2-3 hours after surgery. The voice may be used at the following day.

Grafik Altersstimme
Augmentation beidseitig
Augmentation einseitig

The technique of augmentation is over 100 years old, however new materials and techniques induced a new wave of use within the last years. Our clinic is performing this operation as one of the top providers in Europe offering various materials such as hyaluronic acid, calciumhydroxylapatite, autologous fat, PDMS, silicone, and other fillers. Reconstruction of the vocal folds and voice results are extremely encouraging and lead to high patient satisfaction.

Frequent indications are recurrent nerve paralysis, presbylarynx, vocal fold bowing, chordectomy, sulcus vocalis, scarring and dysmorphia.

Our longstanding experiences are trained to other medical doctors in special courses offered annually as hands-on workshops.