Tour accompany (digital)

Tour accompany (digital) – who needs it?

Traveling the world and singing in front of an audience for an extended period of time in constantly changing locations and on a wide variety of stages – this means a great time for singers, but one that comes with some strain and risk to vocal health.
Since concerts are usually very tightly scheduled, many artists find touring exhausting. Long travel times, often no opportunity to eat really healthy, coupled with little sleep and above all short vocal rest periods, put a strain on the body and the voice.
Especially here it is important that singers experience vocal and mental support, This is especially true after a phase of convalescence – a voice surgery or voice rehabilitation.


The goal of the tour accompaniment is for the singers to feel vocally fit and powerful for the stage each day.

Safety for the performance

The MEDICAL VOICE CENTER offers singers tour support in the form of online voice coaching. Depending on the needs of the singers, a regular joint warm-up before the performance and / or a cool-down back into mental and muscular relaxation can be carried out.
In addition, further individual coaching sessions are possible in which the stage program is worked on. Passages that caused vocal difficulties during the performance can be “corrected” for the next performance.
In this way, any faulty tensions and the resulting compensation patterns can be countered. In addition to the coaching sessions, there is also a voice hygiene consultation.