Laryngeal osteopathic manipulation according to Jacob Lieberman

Osteopathy of the larynx – What is it?

The long-standing cooperation with the osteopath and psychotherapist Jacob Lieberman has proven to be one of the most successful multidisciplinary treatment offers in the field of voice medicine. With decades of successfully applied and very effective osteopathic techniques, it is possible to rebalance the muscular components of the larynx and external neck in many clinical pictures and to effectively treat disturbance patterns such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). In very many cases of globus sensation (so-called ‘frog-in-the-neck’) and foreign body sensation, Jacob Lieberman’s techniques can help. But also cases of insatiable cough and phlegm as well as crisis intervention in singers can be met with osteopathy.

Jacob Lieberman
Still image from the Silent Sam documentary.
Photograph: Brock Neal Roberts for the Guardian

Close to osteopathy and yet with a different approach work physiotherapy and manual medicine (MM). Statics and function of bony and cartilaginous supporting apparatus (spine, head, hyoid bone, larynx, trachea, thorax) with tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves and soft tissues are influenced by specific, mostly manual techniques, whereby the vocalization can be optimized.