Medical expertise

Medical expertise at the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER

Prof. Markus Hess, MD (->Wikipedia) and Dr. Susanne Fleischer, MD are ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialists and also specialists for phoniatry. Prof. Hess is not only a highly specialized and reknown phonosurgeon but also an innovative researcher who regularly gives presentations and lectures at international conferences and workshops.
Markus Hess, MD. Founder and head of the first voice clinic in Germany – the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER. He is an internationally recognized authority in the treatment of voice disorders.
Prof. Hess is known for his cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques in laryngeal surgery and office-based voice surgery.
Intensive cooperation with the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is enabled through close proximity to research facilities. State-of-art in laryngology and voice is lectured within the academic setting.

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Prof. Hess / Dr. Fleischer MEDICAL VOICE CENTER
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Our team covers special voice expertise in the field of ENT, laryngology, engineer science, objective voice analysis, logopedics, voice coaching, singing pedagogy, osteopathy. Patients benefit from close cooperation to all fields within the academic university setting.

Special focus of our patients and clients is expert opinion, second opinion, prevention, tumor screening, voice rehabilitation and vocal crisis management.

The MEDICAL VOICE CENTER runs annual symposia (HamSS), workshops and seminars about various aspects of voice related topics. Pioneering research and clinical work, newest surgical techniques and specialized instruments are presented.

Behind every treatment success is also always our outstanding interdisciplinary team.