Rehabilitation of the singing voice (singer’s voice)

If a singing voice is gradually or suddenly no longer able to withstand stress and if the usual and required performance is impaired, we speak of dysody. Singers who can no longer call up their usual vocal performance often get into stress and panic. This is often associated with existential fears.

As with professional athletes, who have a whole team of specialists ready to help them after injuries, this also applies to singers who receive treatment at the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER. The team of laryngologists (specialized ENT specialists) speech therapists and a singing teacher (singing voice specialist) together take care of the singer’s voice recovery.

A singer seeking help for his or her voice problems at the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER first receives a comprehensive outpatient vocal examination.

Furthermore, a PC voice analysis and a sound spectography are carried out as standard, on the basis of which, among other things, an analysis of the singer’s formant can be carried out.

If voice rehabilitation is indicated, an individual therapy plan suitable for the singer is developed and discussed within the multidisciplinary team and according to the diagnosis. Often singers suffer from muscular tension symptoms and tend to a degree of “too much” muscular activity. Often psychological or emotional problems are also causal factors. In these cases it is possible to consult our osteopath and psychotherapist. If the diagnosis shows that therapy alone cannot regulate the dysfunction, the singer is recommended surgery.

Rehabilitation Singstimme

With our individual and targeted therapy and exercise program, singers gain an awareness of the muscular processes involved in singing and are increasingly able to reduce any tension and optimize the processes necessary for singing without discomfort.

Jale Papila is the Singing Voice Specialist (SVS) at MEDICAL VOICE CENTER. She is a vocal educator with special training in anatomy, physiology, acoustics, and the rehabilitation of singers’ voices after voice disorders. As a trained concert and opera singer, it is her honor, privilege and need to help singers regain their singing voices.

Therapy contents Rehabilitation of the singing voice:

  • a voice regeneration in the whole range of the singer’s voice
  • the development of a resilient voice
  • the elimination of compensatory tension mechanisms
  • regaining basic confidence in the reliability of the voice

Treatment concept

Rehabilitation of the professional singing voice
– Breathing / breathing pressure during phonation
– resonance
– register transitions
– Posture and eutonus
– Vowel balance
– articulation
Transfer to vocal literature and artistic performance