Early detection of cancer
and premalignant lesions

Early tumour detection in the larynx area

Oral pharyngeal cancer is a common tumor in the head and neck region, with approximately 12,871* new cases per year in Germany.
Approximately 75% are male. In the case of malignant diseases of the larynx, as with other organs, the earlier the diagnosis is made, the better the chances of successful and gentle treatment with good prospects of cure.
With the best diagnostic procedures, the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER is able to detect even the smallest changes in the vocal folds and other localizations in the larynx. This is only possible with endoscopy using special examination techniques, high-resolution HD chip-on-the-tip optics and special light filtering.
It is generally recommended to further clarify hoarseness that persists for more than 3 weeks.

In premalignant lesions and cancer of the larynx, early detection and treatment gives the best chances for healing, including voice preservation. With our high resolution optics and endoscopes we can take advantage of newest spectral imaging detection instruments such as ‚narrow band imaging’ – NBI.

Lesions smaller than a pepper corn can reliably be detected with our endoscopes – and biopsies can be taken in the office without general anesthesia.