The right diagnosis is crucial

A voice disorder can have many causes. The correct diagnosis is crucial for the further course of treatment.
The importance of examination methods and diagnostics in the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER is therefore of particular importance. Laryngoscopy is a tried and tested method to make the larynx and vocal folds very visible. We use only flexible endoscopes for this examination, which enable a completely painless examination. These endoscopes we use are not only very small, but also extremely high resolution. It is only this high-resolution digital video endoscopy with chip-tip optics that enables the best possible diagnosis. Through the use of very small endoscopes and computer-controlled HD video techniques, microscopic changes in the vocal folds can also be detected.

The MEDICAL VOICE CENTER has all diagnostic devices, tools, and instrumentation that are needed to comprehensively assess, examine and test human voice function for speech, singing, and artistic voice use. Another advantage is the possibility of examining patients and clients in an ambulatory multidisciplinary setting – in one day.


These absolutely painless examinations are performed in the office  under a light spray anesthesia and allow meaningful findings about the tissue and function of the larynx, vocal folds and resonance chambers of the upper respiratory tract to be obtained in just a few minutes.

Video: Pain free laryngoscopy

Other diagnostic procedures

Non-apparative laryngeal function tests
Assessment of paralaryngeal muscle tone
Osteopathic assessment
Comprehensive voice diagnostics
Phoniatric assessment
Assessment of professional speakers and singers
Voice crisis intervention
Second opinion
Voice genre determination
Voice fitness test
Voice hygiene evaluation
Vocal pedagogical diagnostics