Online Video-Consulting

What can an online video consultation do?

You can describe your symptoms to our experienced laryngologists. It is also possible for you to send us your medical records and/or images in advance, which we can then analyse and discuss with you. We can help you to better understand your symptoms and give you recommendations on what further (therapeutic) measures you should take to resolve your symptoms.


For which complaints can a video consultation be useful?

  • You would like an assessment of (previously submitted) video and image recordings – e.g. a second opinion. *

  • You would like to find out about treatment for globus symptoms (lump in the throat).

  • You think you have R-CPD (I-can’t-burp) and would like to find out about treatment.

  • You have a cough or need to clear your throat and would like to find out about treatment options.

  • You are not sure whether the (long) journey to Hamburg is really worth it and would like to talk to a doctor first.

* In the case of organic voice disorders (nodules, cysts, polyps, recurrent paresis, etc.), a video consultation only makes sense if you send us meaningful image or video material of your vocal cords in advance.

Who will you speak to?

Prof. Dr. Markus Hess is one of the world’s most experienced experts for all types of voice disorders and one of the most experienced voice surgeons. He is the founder and director of the multidisciplinary MEDICAL VOICE CENTRUM, which specialises exclusively in the treatment and rehabilitation of voice and laryngeal disorders.
Dr. Susanne Fleischer is one of the most experienced diagnosticians and has been working with Prof Hess for around 25 years. She specialises in the treatment of globus syndrome, coughing, throat clearing and endoscopic diagnostics.

How to arrange an online video consultation.

Firstly, please complete and sign our video consultation form and send it to

  • If it concerns voice disorders, we may ask you to provide us with image and video material of your vocal chords and voice (e.g. as an e-mail attachment or via WeTransfer).

  • We will then arrange an appointment for the video consultation and its desired duration.

  • You pay for the video consultation in advance via PayPal or bank transfer. You will then receive a Zoom link from us for the agreed appointment.

How long does a video counseling session last?

A video counseling session usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes. This does not include any preparation time and the study of preliminary reports, medical records, and image material. A preliminary study of the medical reports, images or video material you send in is charged at 15 minutes preparation time.

Video-Beratungsgespräch Zoom

FAQ’s / Häufige Fragen

Video counselling costs:
  • 15 minutes video counselling session: € 250
  • 30-minute video counselling session: €500
As soon as payment has been received, we will send you an e-mail with a Zoom link.
It can happen that e-mail providers classify our e-mails as spam, so please check your spam folder first. If you have not received an e-mail, please call us on +49 40 513 13 007 and one of our employees can resend you the link.
Video counselling sessions are usually held from Monday to Thursday between 16:00 and 17:30 (GMT+1). In individual cases, other appointments are also possible.
Many of our video consultations are with patients who live hundreds to thousands of kilometres away and for whom a visit to our practice is not easily possible. Some of our patients simply have a few questions they want answered, or ask for help finding a doctor in their area who can treat their condition. If you are unsure about your symptoms and would like more clarity, a video consultation can be a more cost-effective and time-saving option than a visit to our practice.