Ulrike Fricke

Speech-language pathologist (B.Sc.), Speech Educator (DGSS), Coach (DBVC)

The fact that the voice can be trained was a very natural experience in her development as a choral singer. The realization that the speaking voice can also be trained was the reason for her training as a state-certified speech therapist at the Speech Therapy Institute of the University of Essen. The study of speech education at the University of Münster enabled her to work with professional speakers. A valuable extension of her independent work is the training as a systemic coach at the Coaching Academy Hamburg-Berlin.
For many years she has worked independently as a voice coach in individual training and workshops.
She uses the combination of voice therapy, rhetoric, body expression and performance coaching in her work for radio and television, universities, colleges and media academies.

She has been a speech therapist at the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER since June 2023.
She treats functional and organic voice disorders and specializes in voice feminization (Trans*Voice) after phonosurgical intervention