Dipl.-Ing. Frank Müller

Managing Director

Frank Müller (engineer) finished his studies of electrical engineering in 1999 with a master thesis on the signal processing of the internal ear. He followed his interests for medical technology in his new position at the “Clinic of Voice, Speech and Hearing Disorders” at the University Medical School Hamburg-Eppendorf.

He is co-organizer of international workshops on larynx surgery, which take place in cooperation with the “Institute of Legal Medicine” of the University. Several research projects in cooperation with internationally renowned experts led to publications in international journals.

He shared his experience on laboratory work and data analysis with doctoral students. Besides presentations during international congresses he gave talks on invitation.

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Müller MEDICAL VOICE CENTER
Dipl.-Ing. Frank Müller MEDICAL VOICE CENTER

He is tutor of the yearly summer school “Function of the Singing Voice”, organized by the Royal Technical University in Stockholm, Sweden. For the University Hamburg he is giving lectures on “Technology of Hearing Aid Devices”, “Psychoacoustics” and “Objective Audiometry”.
In the year 2009 he was a founding member of the European Academy of Voice, where he works as the treasurer and gives presentations.

Together with Prof. Dr. Markus M. Hess, MD, and Dr. med. Susanne Fleischer, MD, he is co-founder of the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER in Hamburg. He is one of the shareholders and manager of the company “MEDICAL VOICE CENTER GmbH”.