Dr. Bettina Hess

Management I Communication I New Business

Dr. Bettina Hess is a communication and media scientist. After completing her PhD at the Free University of Berlin, she worked for many years as a manager in marketing and customer service at various companies in the private sector. In all of her positions, she has developed a keen sense of customer needs and satisfaction. She has had a friendly relationship with the MEDICAL VOICE CENTER since its foundation, initially managing the communication activities from outside. She has been a permanent member of the team since 2019 to meet the increasing demands in connection with international patients, communication, ensuring quality standards, process optimization and social media activities. and social media activities.
Her areas of expertise are

  • Strategic management of communication activities with a focus on the needs of international patients.

  • Development and implementation of measures to ensure the highest quality standards in patient care and communication.

  • Optimizing internal processes to increase efficiency and improve patient satisfaction.

  • Expand MEVOC’s social media presence.

Her competencies:

  • Extensive experience in strategic planning and implementation of marketing and communications strategies.

  • Strong understanding of the needs and expectations of healthcare customers.

  • Experience in leading teams and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Skills in quality management and process optimization to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction.

  • Familiarity with social media and digital communication tools.

Dr. Bettina Hess