Hello Dr. Hess,
I have retained my ability to burp. I’m drinking soda daily to train my reflex and I’m able to get rid of the excessive air through burping. Before the surgery I had an almost constant painful pressure in my chest (presumably due to the excessive air/pressure in my stomach and esophagus) and this has not been present at all since the surgery.
The only remaining symptoms I have now is a minor difficulty to swallow, which means I have to make sure I have water close by when eating. This is however SO much better now than the first 1-2 weeks where I had to take a sip of water with every bite. I also have minor regurgitation if I for example bend over or lie down horizontally immediately after eating or drinking. Again, this gets better each day. The first couple of days after the surgery I had very bad regurgitation and even a couple of incident where I was throwing up, presumably because the regurgitation was triggering my gag reflex. The regurgitation/reflux also prevented some nights of sleep the first week since I almost felt like I was getting choked by what felt like thick spit filling up my throat while I was lying down horizontally.
I sometimes have trouble controlling the burps which has led to some accidental (loud!) burps while I was on public transport. Especially laughing will accidentally trigger burps! (…)
I’m SO happy I got the surgery and I must say it has been a life changer! Now let’s hope I’m retaining my ability to burp when the botox wears off ????
Best wishes, S.E. (Denmark)